A Bounding Situation
June 26th - June 27th
A Bounding Situation
June 26th - June 27th
Press Release

We are happy to host “A Bounding Situation”, a group exhibition featuring Andreea Badea, Robert Antoniac and Nikita Dembinski’s new works for their bachelor project from UNARTE: Foto-Video Department. 

An opening reception will be held from 19:00 to 22:00, on Wednesday, June 26th, and
on 27th of June, the exhibition is open between 12:00 and 17:00.

A Bounding Situation is the result of three bachelor degree projects merging with one another, initiated by Andreea Badea, Robert Antoniac and Nikita Dembinski. A Bounding Situation doesn’t seek to certify or represent objectively, but to open up new avenues of interpretation concerning issues of performativity, rituals, and patterns of everyday life.

Andreea Badea – "2019.Consuming Space"
Rummaging through one’s private territory is not an easy process, yet Andreea Badea’s "2019.Consuming Space" effectively represents the most mundane of objects that together shape an absurd and irrational composition. Their familiarity is striking, their intimacy is exhausting.

Robert Antoniac – "HABIT(US)"
A transgressive archive of gestures that cognitively explores the rituals of physical contact. Of all the senses, it is clear that tactility is the most empowering for Antoniac; touch is in charge of teaching the eyes to see beyond themselves.

Nikita Dembinski – "Truthful Reality"
A series of photographs, an altered version of an anti-reality that extends the mundane into an event-based paradigm: the lenses do not depict performance in a purely dramaturgical fashion, for they are primarily used in order to trigger poetic modes of expression.

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