Published to Publications on Sep 10, 2017

Apparently contradictory, yet surprisingly coherent, Sándor Szász’s paintings present apocalyptic scenarios that, if on the one hand are vaguely reminiscing of the brand of Surrealism made notorious by Francis Picabia, on the other hand, they seem to refer to the imagery of 20th Century sci-fi cinema. Szász’s characters are invariably faceless, and live in bleak landscapes enriched by the presence of mysterious relics. It is not immediately clear if these rusty, semi-abandoned, stranded machines and ships constitute an exotic discovery or are instead the cause of these figures’ predicament. What is clear and does not change from painting to painting is their collective engagement in some kind of labor that, coupled with the dramatic colors of Szász’s palette, update and distort the Eastern-European realism’s proclivity for chronicling, and often glorifying the mundane and the universal. 

Sándor Szász

Edited by Roxana Gamart

9,05 x 11.22 inches (23 x 28.5 cm)

76 pages

Fully illustrated

Cover image: Sándor Szász​Accident in Amzei Square

Graphic design: Corina Gabriela Duma 

Project coordinator Roxana Gamart 

Photos by Adi Bulboacă 

Printed by Master Print in Bucharest

Published by Pandora M, in partnership with Mobius Gallery

ISBN-13: 978-606-978-020-6

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