Published to Publications on Jan 14, 2016

Many artists, after achieving success, stick to the style that has brought them it. Not Tolici. Although his brushwork retains its Ingresque precision, now with an even defter touch, his vision has morphed from photo-realist to surrealist. It is impossible to explain the eleven paintings in SIMVLACRVM in rational fashion. 

They come in different sizes and formats – some large, some small; some vertical, some horizontal; one can even hang at a diagonal. There is humour, irony, hope, hopelessness, magnificent painting and neo-Vorticist spatial awareness. Some canvases are busy, others almost empty. The underlying message? You tell me. Each work creates a world of its own. These paintings exist to be absorbed. (Simon Hewitt)

Roman Tolici




Essay by Simon Hewitt

Edited by Roxana Gamart

9,25 x 6,49 inches (23.5 x 16.5 cm)

14 pages

Fully illustrated

Designed by Corina Gabriela Duma; Project coordinator Roxana Gamart; Photos by Bogdan Andrei Bordeanu and Adi Bulboacă; Printed by Master Print in Bucharest; Published by Mobius Gallery

ISBN-13: 978-973-0-20936-5

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