Mobius presents AES+F INVERSO MUNDUS at NADA NY 2017

Published to News on Mar 05, 2017

"​Film and video are largely glossed over during art fairs; one's entrance to a booth generally depends upon a quick glance from the center aisle and durational works demand time that not everyone has to spare amongst art fair's large sprawl of art. But this couldn’t be farther from the case in Mobius Gallery’s booth, which at any given moment during the VIP preview was literally overflowing with people craning their necks to catch a glimpse at AES+F’s 38-minute video, Inverso Mundus, projected wall to wall. Latin for “inverse world,” the title refers to a series of sixteenth-century engravings that depict role reversals: pupils punishing their teachers, a donkey riding a man, or a pig gutting a butcher. In the remake, AES+F—a collective comprised of four Russian-born, New York-based artists—uses unbelievably high-definition collage of recorded and computer-generated moving images. In one slow-motion scene, police officers and civilians caress one another in a bed, at times posing in tableau; in another, flying chimera have the heads of puppies, tentacles of octopi, wings of a dove, and fish fins. The surrealist video defines a new aesthetic—one that takes equal cues from contemporary fashion advertising and Romantic tableau vivant.” (

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