Published to News on Dec 10, 2015

Bucharest, RO (December 10th, 2015) - Mobius Gallery is welcoming contemporary art lovers to a new solo show by Tara von Neudorf, 15743, a challenging, yet not so difficult to read visual storyboard of our days.

Tara: the historian of contemporary wars.

Tara von Neudorf is a Romanian artist whose analysis of world events conveys messages about humanity in a powerful graphic style.

The works in his Mobius solo show 15743 have the potential to become iconic mirrors of a world devoured by self-interest, lost in the translation of principals and beliefs that become more important than the people who created them. 

Tara’s show 15743 concentrates, but not only, on the war in Syria. Its dominant black is the black of Islamic State, but not only. It is the black of newsprint, the black of the pirate's Skull & Crossbones, the black of the Haka performed before battle by the Maori ancestors of the New Zealand All Blacks.

Tara von Neudorf sees history as tainted by a pattern of everlasting conflict. He implies that life is more acceptable from a social viewpoint if people are perceived as they wish to be, rather than as they really are. Here rises the interest for the investigations performed by Tara von Neudorf and his never-ending conclusions. 

Decoding 15743 is a challenge. Even more important is how we react and what we do next. 

Tara von Neudorf's work has been exhibited in numerous European cities, including Berlin (Galerie Kai Hilgemann), Vienna (Strabag Artlounge), Cracov (International Cultural Centre), Leeuwarden (Noordelijk Film), Moscow (Triumph Gallery) and Sibiu (Brukenthal Museum). In 2012 he received the Strabag International Art Award. He lives and works in Bucharest, Sibiu and Cluj.

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