Claudia Brăileanu: Deviations

Published to Exhibitions on Sep 15, 2017

​„In my vision, the structure/ the pattern becomes matter. I represent patterns which i distort thru different techniques, suggesting some deviations from `normality', deviations that lead back to individual - to line - by redesigning the general composition of the works” (Claudia Brăileanu)
Claudia Brăileanu's works speak of a mechanic aesthetic, based on elements from mathematics, apparently rigid, very technical and full of 'rigid' meanings. The line, first element in any technique, becomes subject and object for image construction; the unifies two dots or two states. Patterns are formal experiences, every human being has behavioral, social and emotional patterns - in a purely formal dialogue. The technical aesthetic of a line evolved in a pattern becomes means of communicating personal experience. We see the line, we understand the line, but we can also communicate with line. (Eugen Rădescu, curator)

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