Anna Khodorkovskaya

"Anna Khodorkovskaya’s pictures are created through intense preoccupation with the aesthetic language of advertising materials.

The painter takes details from trashy advertising brochures and posters that turn into abstract compositions in her pictures and thereby address the issue of the relationship between art and everyday life. Khodorkovskaya acts as an archaeologist of everyday life, who uses previously discovered materials to develop her own picturesque imagery.

Khodorkovskaya makes collages of torn scraps of paper or transforms them into picturesque delicately coloured characters, and attaches them onto the largely unprimed canvas as individual shapes. The shapes are combined in the field of view with existing picturesque traces of the canvas and the remains of the binder to make compositions that often arouse scenic associations. As well as her activities as a painter, Anna Khodorkovskya also works on numerous projects, including in the intermedia area, which are positioned at the interface of everyday aesthetics and advertising."

ANJA WERKL, art historian, Vienna

"Anna Khodorkovskaya proposes DETAIL as the main theme of her artistic endeavor, thus herartworks can be read as an analysis of the manner in which different aesthetic elements combine and relate to each other, from diverse backgrounds, of different shapes and structures, abstract compositions which connect a particular artistic practice to everyday life. The messages coded in Anna Khodorkovskaya’s artworks involve a suggestive intervention regarding a new approach of the mercantile side of art, the way art can interact with other media, especially advertising, and how the tools of capitalism can be used in order to convey an eloquent message."

EUGEN RĂDESCU, theoretician & curator, Bucharest

Anna Khodorkovskaya participated in Moscow Biennale of Young Art, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art - Moscow, Kьnstlerhaus-Vienna, Austria or RLB Kunstbrьcke-Innsbruck, Galerie Rьdiger Urlass-Frankfurt am Main, CCA Sokol, Moscow, Museum of Moscow, Troutman St. Ridgewood-New York among others. She was awarded in 2014 with Strabag Artaward International.
Lives and works in Vienna.

Anna Khodorkovskaya - How Deep Is Your Art?

A Tale in Two Chapters Opening Chapter I: March 11th, 2016, 7 p.m. Opening Chapter II: April 15th, 2016, 7 p.m. » Read More


Art & Everything, exhibition view

Art & Everything, exhibition view

From the series "Confusion", 2014 - 2015, Height approx. 50 cm, Mixed media

Dyslexia series, exhibition view