Andrei Gamart

Andrei Gamarț (b. 1980, Moldova Republic) graduated in 2004 with MA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Chisinau. Gamarț masters painting, drawing, and engraving technique. For the last few years, he has dedicated his work to an intense study upon the relationship among matter, light, and memory. Andrei Gamarț canvasas reaveal fractures of a world that seems out of time and space, sending off a sense of eerie familiarity that the viewer can never quite identify or define. He was exhibited in art spaces from Bucharest and Chișinău and participated in international art fairs (Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair and Budapest Art Market). Gamarț is also a writer and a poet. He lives and works in Bucharest.

Selected exhibitions:

  • 2014: This Garden Was Enchanted, Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest, Ro
  • 2013: Shifting Presence. Zorzini Gallery, Port Cultural Cetate, Ro
  • 2012: The Error, Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest, Ro
  • 2011: The Counter Realist, Prospekt Gallery at Stirbei Palace, Bucharest, RO
  • 2009: The Man Who Walks In Shade, Montage Gallery, Bucharest, RO
  • 2008: Nameless Exhibitions, Alexander Gallery, Chisinau, Moldova Republic
  • 2005: Kosmographia, C. Brancusi Exhibition Center, Chisinau, Moldova Republic


A frosty hand partly illuminated with a stripe of light is stretched under the ghostly colored flowers; a museum glass box preserves a running human figure; in a dark night a man is running through an evil wood; insignificant viewers sitting in an open wood space are stunned to look to a spectral light game; a landscape distorted up to an abstract chaos slightly revealing human presence; men conducting a mysterious labor around a well-lit white square platform or is it a nuclear pool; a mighty hexagonal mirror reflects a dark figure looking into a dimly lit bedroom exposed to an evil wind; ambiguous figures deal with weird objects spread in the dark park ground in a night city-scene with suspiciously lit sky in the background. » Read More

Double Exposure

Coord. Roxana Gamart 2014 Paperback with flaps 10 color illustrations: 160 pages 165 x 235 mm 978-606-719-184-4 » Read More



The Offering, oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm, 2016

Waterfall, oil on canvas, 186 x 200 cm, 2016

This Place Can Be Anywhere, oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm, 2016

Destroy Me, Son, For The Greatness of Tomorrow, oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cm, 2016